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At Continental Motor Works we provide each of our customers with reliable, trustworthy car service. We know that each time we work on your car our reputation in the community is on the line, and we act accordingly. This is why we have such loyal, enthusiastic customers! Let our auto repair professionals show you that you can trust Continental Motor Works.

Customer loyalty is our number one priority

The purpose of our business is to repair vehicles quickly, skillfully and honestly. We are here to help you make informed choices that work for your budget by providing expert advice. We are grateful for your business and we do everything we can to keep it. Our customers trust us to keep them on the road; come see why.

The 3Rs of Auto Repair

Great auto repair provides you with the three Rs: reliability, responsiveness, and the right prices. Here’s how we do it:

Reliability. Our team of skilled auto repair professionals gives you reliable service. You can count on us to keep your vehicle running great. Our goal is to keep you coming back to us year after year, and each time you do, we work as hard as we can to make your experience a pleasant one.

Responsiveness. When you talk, we listen. Too many consumers feel that car service shops are dishonest. Only by responding to your questions in a patient, thorough way can you feel totally at home with our work.

Right prices. Your vehicle is one of your most important investments. When your vehicle doesn’t work, your livelihood and personal life can be hurt. Our trained team will take care of your vehicle like it’s our own.

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This pricks are condescending, dishonest,and have not ethics.... crooked .. Starting with the so call owner Jeff...and Dan Do yourself a big favor and stay away from that place


I am completely blown away! I have always been thrilled with this place........... Until now!! I blew the engine in my 2005 Dodge Magnum, had it towed to Continental. I love this car and would never consider"junking it". I wanted the engine replaced, so for $8,000.00, Jeff said they could do that.......I told Jeff that when I pick the car up I want it detailed inside and out.... I will pay whatever for that, I just wanted it like new, he said no problem....... Fast Forward a few weeks, my car is ready!! Hip hip hooray! I couldn't get down there fast enough. I pay the $8,000.00, Jeff tells me that they spent hours detailing my car and because they aren't pros, they weren't going to charge me anything for the hours of work they spent detailing it.. I was so thrilled to have my baby back , I didn't even look at it.... I drive to a gas station and notice my "check engine" light is on.... Hmmmm , first flag! Then I notice a good sized dent in my door!! Upon further inspection, I realize that my car has not only not been detailed, it looks worse than it did when I dropped it off.!!!!! I call Jeff , he says bring it back, so I did.... He sets me up with a rental and I kiss my baby good bye and wait anxiously for the call to pick him up. I get the call and race off to pick it up .......I arrive and I notice the dent is still there and my car is still filthy, but the engine light is not on, so I take the car , with the dent and the dirt! I go to use my navigational system and the joystick is broken!!! WTF?!? So I take it back and Jeff said that they would have to send it to a body shop then!! Well, whatever you gotta do, I'd like it fixed along with the navigational system!! So more days go by...... It's finally ready!! I go to pick it up and the dent is gone, but the joystick is still broken!!! I mention this to Jeff and he tells me that instead of fixing my joystick, he took a dent out that was on the other side of the car ( a dent I didn't know existed)!! He said that fixing the joystick was extremely expensive and replacing the system was even more!!!.. So I drove off with my disabled navigation system in my filthy car......... I am sooooooo disappointed!! I loved these guys!! I have told everyone I know how great they are!! I would have hoped for $8,000.00, I would at least get my car back in one piece! The fact that I was blatantly lied to and the fact that no one even test drove it after the engine was replaced....... Makes me wonder just what the )[email protected] is going on over there!!


I was brought to this garage by a towing company after my car overheated. I explained that this has happened before but the last mechanic could find nothing wrong with my car after doing a pressure check on my coolant system and checking other relevant parts. The owner explained that he would have to run the same diagnostics and it would cost 100 dollars. He didn't find anything wrong either but suggested 2-3 things that could be done and offered prices for doing them ON TOP OF THE $100 diagnostic fee (which again, found nothing). During this process I also saw him quote prices for other customers. Every price that comes out of the guys mouth is basically double what you can get at any honest mechanic. He took my 100 for basically doing NOTHING. I called up a mechanic a couple blocks away and they offered to do all 3 things that could solve the overheating for half the price, AND they didn't insist on a diagnostic fee. DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT MONEY. Dishonest vibe for sure, nickle and dime you, slam you with steeper prices whenever possible.


I am very disappointed. I've gone to this shop for several years with my BMW. Their prices have always been as high as the dealer, but I trusted them. This time they took my car apart, ordered the wrong part to make a replacement, and gave me a discount which represented the amount the rental car cost when my car was in the shop 4 days instead of the promised less than 1. When I lifted the hood, there was a warning that the radiator was a special part. They said they didn't see that. Unless you don't value your car and your wallet, run, run, run.


They seemed great at first. I was told what the problem with my car was and that it would be fixed the next day for $500. After receiving no phone call the next day to notify my that it was done, I decided to call to check the status. I was then told that what they thought was the problem really wasn't and that it would cost another $2000 to fix. Had they told me that was the problem originally I wouldn't have bothered to get the $500 repair. So after they basically stole $500 from me, I head over to get my car towed to my house. Upon arrival I find myself locked out of my car and they tell me the tow truck driver will figure out how to unlock the car because it's not their job to deal with it (even though they're the ones that locked me out). This place is a rip off and will take advantage of you.


With all the negative comments presented so far, I cannot believe these folks are still in business. Battery dies on daughters 2002 BMW. Actually, daughter is borrowing car while attending college in SLO. AAA comes out and does not have the battery on hand to change. Jump starts car and recommends she drive somewhere to get the work done. Not knowing where to go ends up at this dishonest shop. They quote her $200.00 for the battery and $110.00 for tax and labor. That's $310.00. I called AAA to check their price had they had the battery. $135.00 total. I then called Sears who quoted $200.00 total. If you have kids away in College over there in SLO. Do not bring your car here. They are dishonest, and try to profit from people in a bind. Save money and avoid this place. Do your research. See what they have already done to customers. There are plenty of honest places nearby.


Took our truck here to have the starter repaired, when we picked it up there was a GIANT crack in the dashboard and a heater that no longer works. They offered $20 to compensate for it. I would highly recommend going somewhere else for your car's needs.


Sorry that we did not read these reviews prior to taking our car in but our car broke down while we were visiting from out of town. In a bind we took our Jaguar to this place of business! There were a few indicator lights on. Jeff, the owner, said that there was a problem with the transmission. He told us that the transmission fluid, and a few other fluids needed to be changed BUT could not guarantee that this would fix our problem. We agreed to the transmission fluid change but told him that the other fluids he wanted to change were JUST changed! After he changed this fluid he called to tell us that the car was running fine BUT he was unable to get the indicator lights to go off. I asked him if these lights are still on then how do we know if another issue is not occurring down the road? He said good question and told me he did not have the equipment to shut these lights off- and in a perfect world we would want these lights off! He SHOULD have NEVER touched our car if he DID NOT HAVE THE PROPER EQUIPMENT TO DO SO!! I told him I want the lights off! After charging us over $500 ($200 to diagnosis then $310 to change the transmission fluid) He then offered to call another place in town who has all the equipment to service Jaguars. That place picked it up. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong the transmission!! And too boot Jaguar transmissions are NON-SERVICEABLE & HAVE LIFETIME FLUID!! THE JAGS DO NOT REQUIRE TRANSMISSION SERVICE UNTIL AT LEAST 150,000 miles if at all & our car has 76,000. When I brought this to his attention Jeff, the owner, then told me that he was saving us trouble down the road!! ABS indicator light that was on AND was on FOR A REASON!! These lights were on because of the sensor!! Maybe he should remove the caption under the picture in the waiting room of his shop where he states he prides himself on his honesty!! NOT THIS TIME & APPARENTLY NOT OTHERS AS THE REVIEWS READ!! DO NOT USE THIS PLACE OF BUSINESS!!


We met up with Continental Motors a few years ago when we inherited a friends BMW Series 7 that had a few miles on it. When we got it, we thought to have it looked at and take care of anything that needed attention. The original estimate from ANOTHER company was super high and I thought it made sense to get a second opinion. We were referred by a friend to Continental. Jeff and his crew said other things were happening and overall, their repair addressed more major things and came in below the other companies estimate. Last year on a routine visit the car was outside when we picked it up and noticed that a part on the windshield was missing -- Continental ordered and took care of it in a spirit of going the extra mile. We are ready to tow it in to them for what might be a major repair but glad that we have them in our corner when it comes to having a car whose birthday is in the double digits :)


Continental Motor Works. Jeff and his team are honest, caring and professional. Totally trustworthy!

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